Is your style more Anthropologie than J. Crew or Gucci? Do you love beautiful aesthetics and lovely design, but aren’t too concerned about picking out each specific flower variety? Are you into arrangements with movement and personality that look like they could have just been plucked straight out of the garden? Are you into wild, whimsical, bohemian vibes? Are you getting married in Southeastern Wisconsin?

Briarwood Flowers would LOVE to fill your day with beautiful blooms! We’re totally wild about our couples and are all about making flowers the best part of planning your wedding. Briarwood Flowers offers options for a variety of budgets and planning styles - whether you’re ready to leave the details to us or are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to share all your gorgeous ideas with your floral designer.

Here at Briarwood Flowers, we believe that weddings are one of the raddest parties you’ll ever throw, but that if by the end of it you’ve said the “I do”s and done the kissing, that’s all that really matters. That said, DUH we’re down for setting the scene with whimsical, wild, fun & sophisticated floral arrangements!

Carefree Flowers

The Carefree Flowers Package

When it comes to your wedding flowers, you just know you want some! You love the look of flowers but don’t really care to plan the details. You might be eloping or prioritizing a few special pieces to maximize your budget. You’ve got an overall sense of your style and are real into some good design, but are down to leave the specifics to us.

The Carefree package provides a menu of lovely floral items to choose from, created specially to fit a versatile array of wedding styles. You’ll select your overall style, your preferred floral color scheme, and the items you want to order - and leave the rest to us! We’ll design you gorgeous Briarwood Flowers arrangements, provide you with the vases you’ll need, and arrange for pickup or simple delivery.   

Leave the planning to us and use all your extra time for relaxing with your honey and soaking in the engagement magic. (Or, ya know, bingeing Netflix and avoiding your seating chart...we get it.)

Jenna Suzanne Photography

Jenna Suzanne Photography

The Custom Floral Design Package

You adore flowers and have a vision for how the floral design will fit into the rest of your gorgeous day. You’ve been dreaming up luscious bouquets, interesting color schemes, and creative centerpieces. You might have ideas for a stunning arch or unique floral installation. You’re looking for floral arrangements crafted with custom design and specialty flowers. You’re laid back but have an eye for design and are excited to collaborate with your florist to imagine beautiful floral creations.

The Custom Design package provides a collaborative planning process with Briarwood Flowers to design and create your dream wedding florals. After an initial phone or email meeting to discuss your ideas and craft an estimate for booking, we’ll meet in person when possible to dive into the details of your day. Briarwood Flowers will design unique, one-of-a-kind arrangements just for your event and will provide full service delivery, installation, and pickup for a smooth, fun, and creative floral experience.